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RaceCarRental.de by MEISER - The car rental at Nürburgring! Real race cars from VLN/NLS and RCN and high-quality converted club sports vehicles are waiting for you and your racing experience.

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Gift cards

The perfect gift for any occasion. Surprise someone with a fantastic experience at the Nürburgring that will be remembered for a long time.

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Tourist drives

You want to drive a few laps on the Nürburgring but don't have the appropriate vehicle? Book one of our vehicles now and experience an unforgettable day on the Nordschleife.

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Choose your race car for a trackday at Nürburgring or Spa-Francorchamps. Other race tracks are also an option on request.

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Race cab

If you don't want to steer the vehicle by yourself, we offer race cab rides as a part of the VLN/NLS. Get into the passenger seat and let yourself be chauffeured around the Nordschleife at racing speed....

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Motorsport Akademie - Special

In cooperation with the MOTORSPORT AKADEMIE we offer our vehicles for license courses (Mendig and Nürburgring), as well as for trackdays (Spa, Meppen and Nürburgring) at reduced prices. This way you can improve your driving skills!

The Team About us

  • 9 Vehicles
  • 1 Team
  • 100% MEISER

The RaceCarRental.de by MEISER - Team is fascinated by race tracks and race cars.

We have already competed in several racing series and built the race cars we use ourselves, the next logical step was to share our know-how, our love for the Nürburgring and our cars and make it available to other people. With the car rental at Nürburgring, RaceCarRental.de, we offer the opportunity to experience pure driving joy with cars built according to FIA specifications!

Our vehicles for tourist drives and trackdays are built with high quality components such as Recaro bucket seats, KW suspensions, racing brake systems, tires with Nankang AR-1 and offer the maximum safety for the most challenging race track in the world!

You already have a racing license or want to get one and are still looking for the right team in the background for your entry into the RCN or VLN/NLS? No problem - just contact us. Our team and our vehicles are available for you!

Our Tracktools Vehicles

Available for
Tourist rides
Race cab

Group and company events

Individual group and company events of tourist drives, trackdays with team support by us and also half-day " trial events" on our test track between Koblenz and Mayen

are possible at any time including shuttle service, catering and coaching. Our entire vehicle fleet is already waiting for you!
Feel free to contact us!

How to reach us Contact

Röhrenallee 4
54552 Nerdlen Map

Our race car rental is located directly next to the A1 and you have 20 minutes to bring the car to perfect operating temperature for the Nürburgring!

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The Green Hell Fascination Nürburgring

Absolute legendary place for many. The Nürburgring, for example, with its Nordschleife, which is mainly open to tourists, has achieved worldwide fame in its almost 100 years of existence. Some call the most famous racetrack in the world “Green Hell” or, as we find very appropriate, “mother of all racetracks”.

With a track distance of 20.832 kilometers and, if the Grand Prix circuit is opened at the same time, additional 5.148 kilometers, this race track challenges even experienced drivers. Due to constant downhill and uphill sections through the forests of the Eifel with a maximum gradient of 18% and a maximum downhill of 11% and a total of 73 Nordschleife curves, absolute concentration is crucial. For humans and machines, the Nordschleife is considered a masterpiece. Not in vain since the saying counts for over 90 years: “Everyone praises what Nürburgring has tested”.

Let us and our car rental company take you to the legend. Experience incomparable driving fun on the oldest race track in the world and become part of the guiding principle of the legendary Nürburgring!

Customer opinions

Simply fantastic! I rented the Hyundai i30N for 6 laps. The handover was super prepared by the team and the Hyundai was just fun to drive on the Nordschleife!
Julius Meinhardt
I rented the Suzuki for 2 laps as a test drive. Initially, I was unsure about the distance between the car rental and the Nordschleife access road, but the team was absolutely right about this. I arrived at the Ring and everything including the tires was already warm. Very nice!
Tim Zils
Cool team and in workshop you have really something to look at! The cars for the races were in preparation for the NLS 2 and there I could have great conversations about the vehicles after I drove my laps.
Thorsten Kurz
My girlfriend surprised me a gift card for 4 laps with the E90. Unfortunately we were a bit stuck in traffic, but arrived just in time. The team still invested a lot of time for us and briefed me on the race car. An absolutely fantastic day at the Ring experienced and the laps were great. Thank you very much!
Ciaron Thurn


frequently asked questions FAQ

What payment options are offered?
We accept cash payments, EC cards and all major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Payments via PayPal, GooglePay and ApplePay are also accepted.
Is there a minimum age for the driver and passenger?
The minimum age for vehicle rent is 21 years. The co-driver must be at least 12 years or 1.50 meters tall, according to the German Highway Code.

Since these are modified race cars for rent, the back seat is absent in all cars. Therefore, a maximum of 1 co-driver is allowed.
Am I allowed to film with my cell phone or MEISER GoPro while driving?
Filming during tourist trips has been permitted for a several years. We recommend using the permanently installed GoPro or VBOX video system from MEISER.
Car rental Nürburgring: What do I receive for my tourist drive booking?
You should be at the agreed location 45 minutes before the booked time, so that we can instruct you accordingly and you can receive the vehicle at the scheduled time.
I have driven more laps than I paid for - what happens now?
This is definitely not a problem. You can simply pay for more laps when you return the rental car.
Rent a race car with the basic rate
If you book one of our rental vehicles in the basic tariff, you will have to pay the entrance tickets for driving on the Nordschleife yourself and also the necessary fuel. The rental vehicle will be handed over to you with a full tank and must be returned in the same way.
Race car rental with the all-inclusive package
If the race car rental is booked with the all-inclusive package, then you will receive from us the necessary entry tickets for the booked amount of laps and also the fuel will be paid by us. This is the most comfortable booking option for you from our car rental at the Nürburgring because you don't have to worry about anything else.
Camera system with GOPRO Hero 10 or the VBOX video system
We will unlock the 4k resolution GoPro for you in the vehicle for a modest extra fee of 49€. Some of our rental vehicles have a VBOX installed as an alternative. In additional to the recording of the front, the rear and of the driver, the vehicle information such as speed and rpm are also shown in the image.
What do I have to be aware of when driving by myself on the Nürburgring?
In addition to the StVO and StVZO, special rules exist for the Nürburgring, which we will also teach you in a short training. You can find all the important information directly on the official website of the Nürburgring: https://www.nuerburgring.de/driving/touristdrives/safety-regulations.

If you are directly involved in an accident or if you witness an accident, call the emergency number +49 800 0302 112 immediately and wait at a safe distance to the accident area for the arrival of the emergency services.
How does deductible in case of damage work?
Our vehicles are insured for the tourist trips with a liability insurance without additional casco.

The deductible in case of damage depends on the vehicle and can be found in our terms and conditions. Damages up to these specified deductibles must be paid by the renter. Above this amount we take over the risk. Route damages, damages of third parties and towing costs remain unaffected by this and must be paid separately by the responsible party.

For tourist trips, the same applies as in normal road traffic. The causer is responsible for the damage occurred. This includes the rented vehicle, if necessary the vehicle of a third party and also the damage to the route or the towing costs. In such a case, the renter is responsible for finding the causer of the damage. In case of doubt, the renter is responsible for the damage.
Booking race cars for trackdays - how does it work?
You can easily select your previously booked trackday via our booking platform and choose one of our rental cars.
We will arrange the delivery of the race car to the Nürburgring free of charge.

Customized arrangements are an option for events at other race tracks. Please contact us and we will take care of the rest!

You can choose from our entire range of vehicle rentals for trackdays. Whether you want to rent a real race car or our Club Sport conversions. It is up to you.
I have driven more laps than I have rented.
This is not a problem for us. You can easily pay for the extra laps after returning the rental vehicle.
Does RaceCarRental.de offer a coach/instructor?
We can provide a coach or an instructor. Through our wide network we have the best skilled experts for every driving level.
What is included in the booking fee?
The vehicle will be delivered to you fully fueled and ready to run. You will receive the vehicle after we received the vehicle rental fee. We also take care of the normal wear of the vehicle. You have to pay the trackday registration fee and the fuel costs by yourself.